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Beattie James Herries, Anderson Atholl (ed.) 1994. Traditional lifeways of the southern Māori. Dunedin, New Zealand, University of Otago Press. 636 p.

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A key reference for information relating to South Island Māori. Among the papers left to the Hocken Library by Herries Beattie were extensive handwritten results of an ethnological field project undertaken in southern New Zealand (from Fouveaux Strait to north Canterbury) in 1920. These, along with a draft publication of results for the Murihiku region, comprise manuscript 181. Some material found its way into other books and popular articles, but this volume publishes the manuscript as a whole.

N.B. Much of the ethnobotanical material in the infobase relating to Beattie's work refers to manuscripts in the Hocken library; the information was taken direct from them before this book was published.

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Traditional lifeways of the southern Māori

Beattie James Herries
Anderson Atholl
University of Otago Press
Dunedin, New Zealand

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12 June 2007
20 June 2020
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