A record refers to a bibliographic reference, or a block of information relating to an organism or subject. 

There are five classes of record in Ngā Rauropi Whakaoranga:

  • name:  records about organisms or objects.  
  • reference: records about published or unpublished literature that have been reviewed for relevant information.  
  • common name: records for a common name in any language. They provide links to records where that common name has been cited. These records may sometimes contain additional information about that common name.
  • topic: a record that is an index to other records within the database that are relevant to the specified topic. These records are created to assist browsing on the specific topic, particularly where some records relelvant to the topic may contain the actual word or phrase.
  • other: miscellaneous records that cover a subject that does not fit within the other record classes.

Records of class name, reference, and other may contain information under a range of fields, whilst common name and topic records primarily provide indexing lists.


Long vowels in Māori words are marked with a macron (a line over the vowel). This is an aid to correct pronunciation.

In book titles, and when information is quoted directly, we do not use macrons unless they are in the original text.

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