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Cyathodes juniperina. Mingimingi.

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Cyathodes acerosa

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MINGIMINGI (and variants, mingimikimiki,  miki (South Island), hukihukihukihukirahotaumingi , tūmingiinakapōriroinangapōriromangapōrirokūkukungohungohu (Best 1908), pātōtara (Lyall in Best 1942). All these names recorded by Williams 1971. Monoa listed in Taylor 1855, doubtful. (Monoao is Dracophyllum subulatum). 

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Tūmingi fruit eaten fresh, good to eat. Fruit white, pinkish or red. (Makereti 1938)

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Used for scent (Lyall, in Best 1942).

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Prickly leaves boiled in small quantity of water. Taken by cupful in cases of kidney trouble, also asthma and menstrual disorders (Adams 1945).

Infusion of leaves drunk for asthma (S. Neil 1941).

Brewed as a dressing for septic wounds (Anon, "Straight Furrow" December 1946: 101)

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28 May 2007
1 June 2020
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