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Mallett G. B. 1908, 7 March.  The genus Phormium. The Gardener's Chronicle: 148

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Article describes the cultivation and use of Phormium as an ornamental. Some cultivars described. (N.B. "Early discussions of Phormium species were much confused by the emphasis laid on colours of flowers and leaves, and were influenced by the limited range of forms grown in gardens in Europe" Moore and Edgar 1976). Cultivars described are P. cookianum (dwarf), P. cookianum var. variegatum, P. hookeri (a larger P. cookianum), P. tenax, P. tenax var. purpurea, P. tenax var. variegata, P. tenax var. Veitchii. Also mentioned is the Powerscourt variety. There are old established clumps of flax by the waterside in Edinburgh Botanical Gardens.

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The genus Phormium

Mallett G. B.
The Gardener's Chronicle
7 March 1908

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9 July 2020
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