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Trotter Michael M. 1987. A prehistoric back pack from inland Canterbury. Records of the Canterbury Museum 10(2): 9-24

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"The remains of a prehistoric Māori back pack were found at Flock Hill, inland Canterbury. The pack comprised a two-piece bag woven from strips of New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax) fitted around a circular wooden frame and carried with the aid of two shoulder straps. It contained several artifacts of flax, bone and shell." (authors abstract).

The wooden hoop was made of Phyllocladus sp. [toatoa or celery pine]. The uprights and crosspiece were of beech. Some of the plant material in the pack could not be identified. One of the pieces was a length of the inner bark of the lace-bark tree.

Subsequent radio-carbon dating (reported in The Press, 26/11//87) indicated that the pack was approximately 530 years old.

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A prehistoric back pack from inland Canterbury

Trotter Michael M.
Records of the Canterbury Museum

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12 June 2007
20 July 2020
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