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Black Thomas 1871, 10 June. Letter on best harakeke varieties for rope. (1)

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Black, in a letter concerning the use of flax for rope, says that there are only 3 or 4 varieties really worth cultivation.

"First in order stands Paretaniwha from the length of its silky golden fibre, ease of dressing, rapidity of growth and product in fibre, in either flax or rope very few could distinguish it from Manilla, the reed is longer and not of so coarse a nature.

Second, Owe (sic) is next in value to the above, by some erroneously called Tihore, fibre softer in nature than the first, cuts down more into tow in dressing - Fibre one-third less". (See Black, August 1871)

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1871, 10 June
Black Thomas

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12 June 2007
20 June 2020
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