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Parkinson S. 1773. A journal of a voyage to the South Seas in His Majesty's The Endeavour. London, Stanfield Parkinson.

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P.37-50 Plants of use for food, medicine etc. in Tahiti.

P.93 On the East Coast, saw "principals .... some feathers with a little bundle of perfume hung about their necks"

P.96 Tologa Bay "Natives indifferent about most of the things we offered them, except white cloth and glasses. .....The hills are covered with beautiful flowering shrubs, intermingled with a great number of tall and stately palms, which fill the air with a most grateful fragrant perfume. We saw the tree that produces the cabbage which ate well boiled. We also found some trees that yielded a fine transparent gum". Also description of flax.

P.99 "...they have a kind of fern, the roots of which roasted, make a good substitute for bread especially when their koomara is young and unfit for use."

P.104 Bay of Plenty. Traded for Tahitian cloth

P.107 Near Thames River entrance .."..also saw several young cabbage palm trees and a new species of Pandanus or palm-nut. .....(people) parted very readily with their cloaths and anything they had about them for pieces of waste paper and Otaheite cloth, which they put about their heads and ears and were very proud of their dress".

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A journal of a voyage to the South Seas in His Majesty's The Endeavour

Parkinson S.
Stanfield Parkinson

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12 June 2007
4 September 2009
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