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Holt L. W. 1929. The Phormium fibre industry. Master of Commerce, University of New Zealand (Auckland). 138p.

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Thesis written at time when future of flax industry uncertain. Economic history of industry examined and analysis made of probable future of industry. A clear objective account. Not detailed on use of Phormium by Māori. Summaries at end of each chapter.

Contents: 1) Historical 2) Fibre production (varieties, cutting methods, diseases and pests, introduction of machinery) 3) Products and by-products 4) Conditions of demand and supply 5) Organisation of the fibre industry 6) Reorganisation of the industry 7) Wages and labour conditions 8) State assistance 9) Place of industry in national economy - export trade - effect of instability on labour and capital - competition with dairying - influence and attractiveness of other investments.

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The Phormium fibre industry

Holt L. W.
Master of Commerce
University of New Zealand (Auckland)

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12 June 2007
8 July 2020
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