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Elsdon Best letters to Beattie between 1917-1919. Notes on food, NZ flax. Unpublished ms, Hocken Library.

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"I cannot grasp your kawakawa. Apparently it was a form of turnip resembling somewhat a swede. Perhaps a species introduced in very early times..." Best goes on to discuss kōrau and other early species. In a note at the bottom of the letter, Beattie writes kawakawa = kohl-rabi. "The pura you mention is I think the rearea of the North island, but I won"t be sure." [Rearea is a generic term for greens]. Asks Beattie about the cultivation and preparation of tī. " the so called tutu wine is really a kind of thin jelly, the juice seems to coagulate as it were (tetepe)". "By kumakuma and coomacooma Hay means kamokamo, the old fashioned early introduced squash with black and yellow stripes. Hay"s spelling is deplorable" "The growing of potatoes at the Bluff in 1813 is interesting. Probably introduced by sealers." (Best in letter to Beattie 27/3/19)

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"You mention flax eel pots. These are very unusual here, and, of course, do not last long, whereas those made of mangemange last for generations" (Best to Beattie, 27/3/19). [Mangemange is Lygodium articulatum].

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Letters of Elsdon Best to Beattie between 1917-1919.


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20 June 2020
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