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Riley Murdoch 1994. Māori healing and herbal. New Zealand ethnobotanical sourcebook. Paraparaumu, New Zealand, Viking Sevenseas.

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Key reference. The first part of this book surveys Māori healing and health topics under individual ailments and subjects. The second part of the book consists of a herbal of some two hundred plants, with accompanying photographs, and remedies arranged in the chronological order of the written information referred to. The plant"s place in Māori mythology is discussed and some non-medicinal uses are given. Medicinal information on related species used elsewhere in the world is also given. This is an excellent and thorough reference to existing information on medicinal uses of New Zealand native plants.

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Māori healing and herbal. New Zealand ethnobotanical sourcebook

Riley Murdoch
Viking Sevenseas
Paraparaumu, New Zealand

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12 June 2007
4 September 2009
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