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Taylor Richard 1855. Te Ika a Maui. New Zealand and its inhabitants. London, Wertheim and MacIntosh.

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Chapter 11, description of tattooing.

Chapter 26: 430-457 Botany. Taylor describes the following plants as being used by Māori and settlers. Uses are described under the plant name elsewhere in the infobase. Nīkau, tī, turuki [sic] or tī ngahere, tōī, harakeke, rengarenga, kareao (supplejack), māikaika (Orchids), perei, kiekie, Kawakawa - root chewed for toothache. Beer, tea made by Europeans. Fruit rich and luscious. Kauri - resin, turpentine. Toatoa bark - brown dye. Tānekaha, tāwaiwai - black,brown dye. Karaka. Pātōtara, Leucopogon fasciculatus, very fragrant white flower, orange berries. Kopakopa; "valuable medicinal herb, well known to natives". Karaka, poroporo, kohoho, koheuheu.

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Te Ika a Maui. New Zealand and its inhabitants

Taylor Richard
Wertheim and MacIntosh

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12 June 2007
20 July 2020
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