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Kūmara cultivar names recorded from East Coast and  Hawkes Bay by Colenso.

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Kūmara cultivars cultivated on the East Coast and in Hawkes Bay.

"I do not consider the forgoing lists [Northern districts and East Coast/Hawkes Bay] as anything like exhaustive ... many of them I have both seen and eaten, 40 years ago and more. My two lists I have obtained from six sources, three north and three east coast, extending over 35 years, and I have been surprised at their great general uniformity. In all, the sort called parakaraka is said to be 'the eldest variety'; the lists from the East Coast did not clearly specify the differences" (Colenso 1880).

The following varieties listed elsewhere were also grown in the East - Toroamahoe, Monenehu, Parakaraka, Pokerekahu, Anurangi (ibid.)

All listed by Best 1925, except for Hāwere

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2 July 2020
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