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Kūmara cultivar. Toroamahoe (2)

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Kūmara cultivar. Cultivated in northern districts - Bay of Islands, Hokianga, Kaitaia - and also in Hawkes Bay and the East Coast. White skin, having white or whitish flesh (Colenso 1880).

Also refers to white-skinned root of mahoe tree. Cultivar of whitish skinned kūmara of exactly the same shade of colour (Colenso 1881b)

Listed by Williams 1894 as a pre-European cultivar grown on the East Cape. Said by Williams to still be in cultivation.

Cultivated in the Hokianga, Patea and the West Coast of the North Island (Hammond 1894)

In list of kūmara varieties recorded by Gudgeon 1893, Best 1925

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28 May 2007
2 July 2020
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