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Barber P. 1984. Phormium tenax fibres: a preliminary report. Unpublished.

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Samples of flax fibres prepared by traditional techniques were obtained from Emily Schuster in Rotorua (Paritaniwha cultivar). Some samples were simply washed, others were subjected to "waiwai" treatment followed by immersion in paru. Breaking loads were measured. There is no significant difference in dry strength between waiwai, paru and untreated samples. When wet, untreated samples retained about 75% of their dry breaking strength, treated samples about 56% strength. Fibres were shown to be also susceptible to the action of heat. Fibres are very acid.

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Phormium tenax fibres: a preliminary report. Unpublished. 

Barber P.

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12 June 2007
19 June 2020
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