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Smith S. Percy 1904. Wars of Northern Maori against Southern New Zealand Tribes. Journal of the Polynesian Society 13: 20-72

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p.48. Te Kaka, father of Te Panakareao of Te Rarawa tribe driven from Oruru, fled to the Cape, took refuge with Aupouri, then forced to flee with them to Three Kings Islands (Manawa-towhi) where they lived for many years. When natives on mainland used to burn the fern, the ashes would be carried across the 30 mile straits, and make the exiles weep.

p.63. Notes from Te Reweti on circumstances leading to foundation of Auckland. Invitation to Governor Hobson (1840) by Auckland chiefs to come to Waitemata. "At that time, Horotiu (Commercial Bay), Waiariki (Official Bay), Waipapa (Mechanics Bay), Mataharehare (St Georges Bay) and Taurarua (Judges Bay) all covered by kūmara and potato cultivations, the whole of the product of which presented to the Governor and the settlers.

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Wars of Northern Maori against Southern New Zealand Tribes

Smith S. Percy
Journal of the Polynesian Society

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12 June 2007
20 July 2020
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