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Berridge W. C. 1913. Kumeras, or sweet potatoes. New Zealand Journal of Agriculture 7: 415-419

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Author discusses old Māori varieties of kūmara and the cultivation techniques. Gives account of the introduction of Waīna (vine) varieties. Discusses modern cultivation techniques. States that storage in rua (underground pits) is the most successful storage method and explains technique.

Describes varieties grown at the Tauranga Experimental Farm - both Māori and American cultivars. Maori varieties grown were Uti-uti, Rekamaroa, Taromahoe [sic], Pehu, Whokoreke.

Cultivar names collected by Berridge from a Maori informant listed here.

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Kumeras, or sweet potatoes

Berridge W. C.
New Zealand Journal of Agriculture

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12 June 2007
4 April 2011
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