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Best Elsdon 1916. Maori storehouses and kindred structures. Dominion Museum Bulletin 5

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A detailed account of construction and use of raised storehouses (pataka), "ordinary " storehouses, elevated platforms and racks, semi-subterranean stores, pits and caves. Best brings together accounts of early travellers with material from Māori and other informants. Storehouses used for preserved and dried foods, tools, garments, fishing implements; pits for kūmara, taro, potato storage. R. K. Dell, in the forward to the reprint, describes this as one of the most factual of the Bulletins, and that nothing in it is too out of date or violently discredited.

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Māori storehouses and kindred structures

Best Elsdon
Dominion Museum Bulletin

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12 June 2007
20 June 2020
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