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Kubo I., Tangiguchi M. 1988. Polygodial, an antifungal potentiator. Journal of Natural Products 51(1): 22-29

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Polygodial isolated from East African plants (Warburgia species). The observation of cell membrane lesions led authors to hypothesis: use of polygodial to facilitate the transmembrane transport of exogenous chemicals into cells. E.g. Polygodial and antibiotic with poor cell membrane permability - antibiotic effect could be increased if it could gain better entrance into a cell. Polygodial as "advance scout". A remarkably enhanced efficacy obtained when actinomycin D used in combination with polygodial.

(N.B. Polygodial is an active principle in Pseudowintera colorata, horopito)

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Polygodial, an antifungal potentiator

Kubo I., Tangiguchi M.
Journal of Natural Products

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12 June 2007
8 July 2020
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