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Servant Father C., Simmons D. R. (ed.) 1973. Customs and habits of the New Zealanders 1838-1842. Wellington, Reed.

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Father C. Servant was a Marist missionary in Hokianga area 1838-1842. Lived among Māori. Spoke language. As a Frenchman and a Catholic had little contact with most Europeans. The manuscript is the most complete account of Māori life of the period 1838-1842 in one particular area. Honest observer, careful to distinguish between things he has seen and things he has only heard about. About 14% of the descriptions are derived from Yate"s "An Account of New Zealand". Such copying was common practice among 19th century writers.

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Customs and habits of the New Zealanders 1838-1842

Servant Father C.
Simmons D. R.

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12 June 2007
16 July 2020
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