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Smith S. Percy 1904. The Occupation of Wairarapa by Ngati Kahungunu. Journal of the Polynesian Society 13: 153-165

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Near Te Mata (near Havelock North) Hine-te-rangi took a fancy to some very superior flax growing in a spot which had been rāhui. She cut a small bundle of it and on her return was seen by Mahanga, to whom the flax belonged. She admitted taking the flax, at which Mahanga berated her soundly, and taking a leaf from her bundle, struck her lightly on the body with it. The people of the two parties went to arms, Mahanga defeated, migrated to Pahaua, lately in occupation of Rangitane.

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The Occupation of Wairarapa by Ngati Kahungunu

Smith S. Percy
Journal of the Polynesian Society

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12 June 2007
20 July 2020
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