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Phormium tenax 'Atewheke'. Harakeke cultivar.

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atewheke; sometimes written as atewhiki (Flax Commissioners reports 1870, 1871) 

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Harakeke cultivar.

From (Flax Commissioners 1870, 1871)

1) Kelly, Taranaki. Used for best garments. Fibre very white. Leaf narrow. Reddish tinge. Narrow line of bright scarlet on the edge and keel. Live plant shown in Exhibition from Bay of Islands ("easily distinguished")

2) Hursthouse, Taranaki. First rate quality. 3) Native, Opunake . Breaking strain 77

Other references:

4. Easily distinguished by its leaf of reddish tinge and narrow bright edge of scarlet (Andersen 1907)

5) Mentioned in Best 1942. No description.

6) In Viv Gregory Collection, Kaitaia. Name recorded as Atewheke. Notes say that the variety is best known in Queen Charlotte Sounds and on Kari Kari Peninsula. Similar to Atemango and Ateraukawa. Keenly sought by womenfolk. Has kōrari. Kit flax.

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28 May 2007
20 May 2020
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