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Phormium tenax 'Takaiapu'. Harakeke cultivar.

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Fishing and Hunting

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Harakeke cultivar.

1)Following notes from Flax Commissioners Report 1870, 1871:

Kelly, New Plymouth. Leaf stands erect. Edge brown. Fibre very strong. Used by Māori for fishing lines.

Taranaki Native. One of best for garment making. Prepared sample for Flax Commissioners.

Opunake Native. Breaking strain = 95

Opunake Native. Breaking strain = 76 (sic.)

Planted in Botanic Gardens, Wellington, in 1870 from seed.

2) Drysdale & McGregor 1910: Department Agriculture variety trials at Weraroa. Grown from seed brought from Taranaki. Seedlings show wide variation. Highly prized by Māori.

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Andersen 1907: Brownedged erect leaf. Used for fishing lines because very strong in fibre.

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20 May 2020
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