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Olearia ilicifolia. Hakeke. Kōtaratara. Mountain holly.

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hakekehākēkeke (Ngai Tahu - Wiliams 1971), kōtaratarahaki (southern term - Anon 1993); kōtara ? Best 1942 (Tūhoe term. See note below), akeake (State Conservator of Forests 1877

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Shrub or small tree. From East Cape south to Stewart Island. Mainly in the mountains (Salmon 1980).

Best 1907 says "the kōtara is a tree only found on the high range at Maungapohatu in this district. It has a serrated leaf, hence its Native name" . Uses recorded as below.

Best 1942 questions whether kōtara is O. ilicifolia, and suggests the evidence is for O. cunninghamii = O. rani , (though without saying why). Best's observations recorded in the 1908 article accord with O. ilicifolia, and it has been collected on Maungapohatu (Cranwell & Moore 1931). O. rani is widespread at lower altitudes.

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Musky scent. Fragrant leaves used to scent toilet oils, neck sachets, etc. (Best 1907)

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Young specimens sometimes transplanted into village cultivation grounds (Best 1907).

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28 May 2007
2 July 2020
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