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Doodia mollis. Mokimoki. Scented fern.

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Doodia caudata, Doodia fragrans

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Found in North Island. Occurs in rather local populations from Kaitaia to Thames and in Hawkes Bay, usually in coastal forest, more rarely inland (Brownsey and Smith-Dodsworth 2000).

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Used for scent. (Best 1942)

"A small variety found on the Rimutaka Range, Wellington, is said to have scented fronds, and to have been formally (sic) collected by the Māoris for the purpose of mixing with oil to anoint the person; but I"ve never been able to perceive any fragrance. Perhaps Polypodium pustulatum has been mistaken for it. I have seen no authentic specimens of Colenso"s D. squarrosa, and have followed Mr. Baker (Ann. Bot. v (1891) 221) in referring it to D. caudata." ( Cheeseman 1906)

Doodia fragrans. Name given by Colenso 1891 "... neat little species; this last was so far esteemed as sometimes to give name to the locality where it grew, as Puke mokimoki, the little isolated hill which once stood where the Recreation-ground now is in Napier; that hill having been levelled to fill in the deep middle swamp in Monroe Street"

In the same paragraph, Colenso mentions Hymenophyllum sanguinolentum and Polypodium pustulatum [now Microsorum scandens], so he is not confusing this mokimoki with those plants.[Ed.]

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28 May 2007
1 July 2020
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