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Phormium tenax 'Taeore'. Harakeke cultivar. Orchiston Collection.

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Harakeke cultivar A fine variety. Tall, bendy, pale blue green leaves, powdery blue on reverse. Similar to Kōhunga but finer and slightly more droopy. Black margins and keel. Plenty of very tall, light-weight flower heads.

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Fine, strong, easily stripped with a shell. Produces long strands of silky white fibre used for aho (weft) in fine cloaks. Fibre in muka kete dries to a soft creamy colour. When leaves are boiled for kete a pale fawn colour is produced - deeper shade when unboiled. Strips prepared for kete and whariki will not shrink after being woven if boiled or dragged through boiling water before weaving.

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Mrs. Orchiston reports that the seed pods and kōrari have provided her with a fine range of apricot toned dyes for handspun wool.

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28 May 2007
20 May 2020
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