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Rorippa palustris. Marsh yellow cress.

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Rorippa islandica

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hānea (Taylor 1855), kōwhitiwhiti, poniu (Best). All in Williams 1971.  Panapana (Beever 1991; Williams gives this name for bitter cress, Cardamine debilis

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Leaves boiled, eaten as cabbage (Kirk, in Taylor 1870).

Leaves eaten ( Best 1902).

Eaten by Tamaki people (Whatahoro 1913)

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An antiscorbutic. Possibly plant referred to by L'Horne (a lieutenant on de Surville's ship, 1769-1773 voyage) in a journal entry on the crews" use of antiscorbutic plants (in McNab 1914)

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28 May 2007
20 July 2020
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