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Podocarpus laetus. Tōtara kōtukutuku. Hall's totara.

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Podocarpus hallii, Podocarpus cunninghamii (Colenso) 

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In Colenso 1884, 58:

" ... on my way down the mountain from the summit, I discovered a plant which I believed to be a new species of Podocarpus, and therefore named it P. cunninghamii .... Its bark, too, was semi-papery, more like that of some large specimens of Fuchsia excorticata, and not at all resembling the bark of P. Totara..... The natives call it Totara-kiri-kotukutuku"

And in a footnote: "I find this Maori name is given in the "Handbook" Index to Libocedrus Doniana, but I scarcely think any old Native would call a Libocedrus a Totara, the foliage in the two genera being so very different. The maori name for it, (like many other of their proper names,) is fit and expressive; lit. - Fuchsia-barked Totara."

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The Whanganui natives state that tōtara kōtukutuku is the tree most approved of by canoe makers because it is not so straight grained and free-splitting (Best 1942).

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Inner layers used for packing muttonbird (Kirk 1889).

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9 June 2020
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