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Leucopogon fraseri. Pātotara.

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"Patotara (leucopogon fasciculatus), a diminutive heath-like shrub, producing a very fragrant white flower, and a small transparent edible berry of an orange colour; it abounds on sandy plains" (Taylor 1855)

"Pa totara, a shrub bearing a bright orange berry as large as a currant." (Taylor 1847).

Orange coloured berries have an agreeable flavour. Eaten by natives (Kirk, in Taylor 1870)

Berries eaten, especially by children (Colenso 1868a, 1868b ; Best 1907, 1902)

Berries eaten by Tamaki people (Whatahoro 1913).

Edible berry (Taylor 1855)

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Produces a very fragrant white flower (Taylor 1855).

Best lists this plant among those used for scent. "Taylor states that the root of the patotara plant was the part used" (Best 1942). See Aciphylla.

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28 May 2007
1 July 2020
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