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Veronica speciosa. Tītīrangi

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Hebe speciosa

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TĪTĪRANGI (Hokianga iwi name); Te rahiri kokoromiko (Name used by Arai Te Uru, type locality of V. speciosa. PJ Delange, pers comm, 10 Sept 2010); napuka (Taylor 1855, misspelt by Taylor 1870, napuku), korokio (Taylor 1855

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"A variety found at the Hokianga Heads, bearing a fine scarlet flower; the leaves are broader, rounder, and thicker than the former." [Hebe salicifolia]." (Taylor 1855) . Hence the name 'N(g)apuka - big leaves - possibly a post-European name.

The son of Te Rahiri showed the plant to the botanist Cunningham in 1832.

DNA evidence shows that Maori translocated and cultivated V. speciosa as far south as the Marlborough Sounds. (Armstrong, De Lange 2005)

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Tītīrangi (sea birds from the sky) relates to the frequent association of V. speciosa with nesting sites used by tītī (muttonbirds) (Peter deLange, pers. comm. 10 Sept2010)

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28 May 2007
1 June 2020
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