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Leucopogon fasciculatus. Mingimingi.

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Cyathodes fasciculata

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MINGIMINGImikimiki (southern term, Anon 1993), mingitūmingi (Taylor 1870), hukihukirahongohungohu (Best 1908), mānuka raurikikaikaiatua. All these names recorded in Williams 1971

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Edible berry (Taylor 1855)

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Infusion of mingimingi leaves used for alimentary disorders. Poultice of boiled leaves said to be excellent for baldness (Faulkner 1958).

Boil the leaves and water for about 20 minutes. Used for headache and influenza. Take a teaspoonful twice a day, before a meal. Sometimes peppermint is mixed with it. (P. Smith 1940).

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N.B. - mingimingi may also refer to  Cyathodes juniperina, Coprosma propinqua.

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28 May 2007
3 June 2020
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