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Fragrant mosses. Kōpuru. Scent.

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Used in recipe for scent. See Aciphylla. Used with heketara leaves to scent clothing. Koopuru used as tohu mate (Best 1907).

Kōpuru moss inserted in belt known as tū-wharariki (Best 1898).

Kōpuru pulled for scent. "Green, spongy stuff that grows out of the rock" (Tunuku Karetai to Beattie MS 582/E/11, Hocken Archives, Dunedin).

Used for scenting shark oil (Matthews 1910).

Kōpuru, pokuru, ponguru - a plant used as a scent for the house and person (Williams 1971)

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28 May 2007
30 August 2022
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