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Cordyline banksii. Tī ngahere. Forest cabbage tree.

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Fishing and Hunting

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Cordyline stricta

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TĪ NGAHEREtī kapu (name used by Tuhoe, Best 1908), tī pāraetī tōrere (Best); hauora (Williams 1971); turuki (Taylor 1855 [? term can refer to the sucker of a tree. Ed.]). 

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Root eaten (Kirk, in Taylor 1870)

Young, undeveloped leaves (rito) alone were eaten ( Best 1902, 1907)

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"Long, fine, durable fibre. Makes extremely durable paper" ( Reed and Brett's 1874).

Has a strong fibre (Taylor 1855).

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Used to make tow-ropes for dragging canoe ( Best 1925)

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28 May 2007
4 July 2020
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