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Litsea calicaris. Mangeao. Tangeao.

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Fishing and Hunting

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Tetranthera calicaris

Laurus calicaris (recorded in Taylor 1870

Tetranthera tangao (recorded in Taylor 1870

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MANGEAOTANGEAOtangeo (Recorded by Solander in 1769), mangeo 

tanoeo, mangiao, tangao - spellings in Taylor 1870

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Used to make canoes. Difficult timber to work. (Best 1925)

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Used for agricultural implements, bullock-yokes, oars, ships" blocks (Colenso 1868a)

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Vapour bath (with kōhutuku [sic. Fuchsia] and tātarāmoa) to promote lochial discharge (Bennett 1883; Goldie 1904).

Used in midwifery (K. Pickmere 1940).

For related pharmacology and chemistry, see Brooker, Cambie and Cooper 1987.

See Riley 1994 for information on medicinal uses of related plants elsewhere in the world.

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28 May 2007
1 July 2020
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