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Kūmara cultivar. Pehu.

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Kūmara cultivar. "... claimed as an original kūmara and has practically disappeared, although it was grown extensively at Torere at one time. It was more compact in growth and had a hard, smooth surface skin and smaller leaves than any of the other known varieties."  Root illustrated and leaf drawn from memory. Grown in same way as Taroamahoe. Was also grown at Maketu. (Tapsell 1947: 329-331).

One of varieties grown by tuber by "an old Māori" informant (Berridge 1913: 415). Berridge describes Pehu as a small variety, not much thicker than a man"s finger; not a desirable variety (ibid: 418)

Listed by Colenso 18810(grown in Hawkes Bay/East Coast) and Best 1925

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28 May 2007
2 July 2020
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