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Taro cultivars grown in Hawkes Bay and on East Coast.

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Taro cultivars grown in Hawkes Bay and on the East Coast.

Kōareare was a white-fleshed sort. Kākātarahaere was a dark-fleshed sort. See also Pongo, Turitaka, Waruaārangi, Kinakina (Colenso 1880).

In Williams 1971:

Kākātarahae - a large variety of taro, with red leaf-stalks.

Kohuorangi - a small red variety of taro

Kōareare - a variety of taro with running roots

Best 1925 lists Kaka-tarahae as a kūmara cultivar. Not recorded as such elsewhere (by Colenso, Hammond, Williams etc)

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28 May 2007
2 July 2020
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