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Parsonsia capsularis. Kaiwhiria. New Zealand jasmine.

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Fishing and Hunting

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Some natives talk of bows and arrows. The bow (whana) made of pirita (supplejack), arrows of fernstalk or a shoot (pihi) of the kaiwhiria with a point of kātote lashed on. Used by children to kill birds in olden days. Best says sources are unreliable (Best 1902, p.241)

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Vines sometimes used for tying up fences, platforms and house framing, but not commonly (Colenso 1868a)

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Used in vapour baths (Brett's Guide 1883)

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Parsonsia species probably contain saponins - worthy of investigation (Aston 1923b)

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28 May 2007
1 July 2020
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