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Lindsay William Lauder 1868. Contributions to New Zealand Botany. London & Edinburgh, Williams & Norgate.

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Section on Phormium, pp 77-83, including details of distribution in Otago.

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The botanist W Lauder Lindsay visited New Zealand in 1861-1862. He did field work in Otago between 7 October 1861-20 January 1862, in an area bounded by Mt Cargill in the north, the Clutha River, and the Tuapeka Ranges in the east. Observations on 15 genera and species. Index includes Maori and Settlers' names for plants.

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Contributions to New Zealand Botany

Lindsay William Lauder
102, 4 Plates
Williams & Norgate
London & Edinburgh

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20 March 2014
21 March 2014
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