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Otago Daily Times. December 1889. Articles on the Karitane Fete, exhibitions by Māori.

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3 day event held to raise funds to improve Karitane Domain reserves. Held on Karitane Peninsula, near Puketeraki. Expected 2-3000, 7000 attended. A fete and Native exhibition. Demonstrations of umu, dancing. Fireraising - "dry tussock (koka) placed on ground in front of small flat piece of wood (hika), friction applied ... sharply pointed wood (kahikomoko)" [= kaikōmako = Pennantia corymbosa. Ed. ] 

"An exhibition of basket, bag and sandal making out of the native flax (harakeke) was given by the older Māori women proved (sic) very interesting" Prizes given for best basket (ria tikini) and for flax-dressing (tīkā uhtau).[sic.? whītau. Ed ]

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Articles on the Karitane Fete

Otago Daily Times
27-28 December 1899

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