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White Taylor 1898. Notes and Queries. Journal of the Polynesian Society 7: 115-117

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Musings by Taylor White on the origins of the following plants: karaka, pukatea, aute, and kaka-beak.

Also tī-tawhiti: "Further, we require to notice the remarkable Cordyline seen by Sir James Hector in the Taranaki District, and which was grown by the natives for the sake of the starchy matter which was produced when a part of the plant would be tightly ligatured. The name tī-tawhiti (tī, or cabbage tree from a distance), and the curious fact reported that it seldom or never flowered, both would seem to indicate that it had been brought from a warmer and far-away country. Who can say where the native habitat of tī-tawhiti was situate [sic]?"

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Notes and Queries

White Taylor
Journal of the Polynesian Society

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12 June 2007
20 July 2020
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