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Haase P. 1990. Potential plant genetic resources of the New Zealand flora. Economic Botany 44(4): 503-515

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The physical environment and main features of the native flora and vegetation described. Notes on early Polynesian plant introductions and use of native flora. Plant genetic resources of the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand and offshore islands described under families.

Some 15 New Zealand relatives of common commercial plants are considered potential genetic resources - include kawakawa, New Zealand spinach, New Zealand passionfruit or kōhia, Sicyos or native cucumber, Hibiscus, kaka-beak, Solanum species, flax. Also sections on genetic resources of native trees for production forestry; native plants with ornamental value; conservation status of New Zealand flora and potential threats.

See critique in Harris & Heenan 1992

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Potential plant genetic resources of the New Zealand flora

Haase P.
Economic Botany

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12 June 2007
7 July 2020
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