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Cheeseman T. F. 1896. On the Flora of the North Cape District. Transactions of the New Zealand Institute 29: 334-385

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P.346: Cheeseman comments on ti. Saw in "Mr. Reid"s garden two young plants of a Cordyline apparently closely allied to the C. terminalis of my list of Kermadec Island plants". Was shown localities where collected, but no further plants found. Cheeseman believed it was C. terminalis, though no fruit or flowers seen. He remarks that the localities have been at one time cultivated by the Māori. (NB See Dawson & Beuzenberg 2000)

P.347: Sandhills fringed for miles with spinifex and pīngao.

P.360: Spirits Bay. A few plants of Hibiscus diversifolius.

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On the Flora of the North Cape District

Cheeseman T. F.
Transactions of the New Zealand Institute

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12 June 2007
21 June 2020
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