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Dieffenbach Ernest 1843. Travels in New Zealand. London, John Murray.

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Vol I: Page 377: "My friend Symonds was very ill and the only medicine I could give him was a tea made from the aromatic leaves of the Leptospermum ...which served us...for tea, medicine, bedding and firewood." Page 399: At Rotorua. Hīnau kernels powdered, made into cakes. Fernroot. Page 425: nīkau used for thatching, food. Kawa(kawa)used for tea. Kiekie bractae eaten. Vol II : Chapter II Diseases of the Natives. Skin diseases, gastric illnesses, catarrhs, ringworm Page 61: Steam rising from herbs infused in boiling water used in cures. Page 302: Information on dyes, processes described for tānekaha and hīnau.

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Travels in New Zealand

Dieffenbach Ernest
John Murray

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12 June 2007
4 September 2009
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