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Head L. F. (translator). Tī kōuka. Te Karanga(1): 15-16

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An explanation of the preparation of kāuru (from tī stem) (by Kai Tahu and Kati Mamoe. Taking of kāuru begins in month of Kana (October) - working territories defined - ritual food exchange - cooking of young shoots by tohunga - trees felled, dressed, left to dry - kūmara planted - 2nd batch of trees felled - 1st batch tied, put into kits - carried to forested place - firewood gathered, pits dug, kauri cooked - left to cool, pounded flat, put onto food platforms - 8th month (Māori) turnips planted, then 2nd batch dealt with.

"Such was the work on the kāuru producing lands every year from very ancient times right down to three years after Mantell came, when the Māori stopped preparing that food because the Pakeha had settled here and burnt the kāuru producing plains and they were all destroyed"

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Tī Kōuka.

Head L. F. (translator)
Te Karanga

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12 June 2007
7 July 2020
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