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Tregear E. 1926. The Maori race. A. D. Willis Ltd. New Zealand.

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Chapter 7 on cultivation of food. Kūmara, 40-50 named varieties; taro, 20 varieties. Fernroot, yam, gourd, tī, treefern, "gingerbread" from raupō pollen, karaka. Seaweed - karengo mixed with tutu juice after steaming, jellylike.

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Chapter 12: Flax, 50 varieties.

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Chapter 12. Dyes: Red from tānekaha bark (pounded, put in boiling water, put in wood ashes to set dye, then back in water for a few minutes). Black dye, hīnau bark as a mordant. Yellow dye, bark of Coprosma spp., karamū, raurēkau. Blueblack, tutu bark.

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The Maori race

Tregear E.
A. D. Willis Ltd. New Zealand

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12 June 2007
20 July 2020
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