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Mangaeka. Rough cape. Coloured flax.

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1) Best 1908; Tūhoe apply name to brownish-yellow strips of flax inserted in certain Native garments. Colour produced by exposing strips to the heat of a fire. This garment is also termed a mangaeka.

2) Type of rough serviceable rain cape, a type of timu. Description in Best 1898.

3) Williams 1971; i) Strips of undressed and undyed flax used to ornament rough cloaks or capes. ii) a cape so made. iii) yellow, pale brown

4) Shortland 1856; Bay of Plenty names, harakeke, warariki, mangaeka all flaxes of equal value.

5) Andersen 1907; inferior variety.

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28 May 2007
21 July 2020
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