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Coriaria spp. Small-leaved tutu

Name document

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tutu-papa (Colenso); tutu-heuheu (Mantell) - in Lindsay 1868  

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small-leaved tutu Common name for all these species

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Fruit of tutupapa eaten (Colenso 1868a, 1868b, 1880)

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See uses under Coriaria arborea.

"There is a smaller kind, which has a less leaf, much longer, narrower, and more pointed in proportion, with a larger fruit, less highly coloured, but the natives do not eat it, considering it more dangerous than the former. [Coriaria kingiana - Ed.] There is also a very diminutive kind, with a flower not unlike that of mignionette, which it little exceeds in size; it is only found in the interior; its fruit is not eaten" [Coriaria plumosa - Ed.] (Taylor 1855)

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28 May 2007
1 July 2020
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