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Pteridium esculentum. Aruhe. Fernroot qualities.

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Varieties or varying qualities of fernroot

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Ngā-Maihi living in pā at Puketapu (Te Teko), near Rangitaiki River, sent a party to obtain fernroot at "Titinaroa, where grew in abundance the mātā (maataa) variety of that root, much used as food in former times" (Best 1902: 213)

Fernroot selections mentioned by Whatahoro 1913 and in Te Rangi Hiroa 1949

aruhe-pāpāwai (with flattish roots)

aruhe-whatiwhati or pāwhati (brittle root with only 2 strings in it)

aruhe-paranui (with whitish, smooth, thin skin)

Māpara. Fernroot of a brownish colour inside (Ngāti-Porou). Best 1942

Paranui - contains many fibres (Ngāti-Porou) Best 1942. Williams 1971 says paranui is term applied to fernroot having many coarse fibres

Paitu - contains coarse fibres (Best 1942:71)

Kōhuruhuru - fernroot hairy on the top and smooth below (Williams 1971)

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28 May 2007
6 July 2020
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