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Dicksonia fibrosa. Whekī-ponga. Tree fern.

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WHEKĪ-PONGAwhekī-kōhungatūkirungapēhiakurakurīpākākuranuipākā (all in Williams 1971), pūnui (Best, used in Matatua district) 

Slabs of matted aerial roots cut from thick stems:  pairi ponga (Best 1942)

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"Sometimes, especially in the interior, the outside of their better houses was formed of hard fibrous slabs cut from the stout red-brown fern-tree, wekiponga" (Colenso 1868a).

Slabs used to line underground storage pits. Withstood rats. Rushes used for lining. Tūhoe used slabs to cover the roof-frames of rua (Best 1907, 1916)

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28 May 2007
4 July 2020
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