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Elaeocarpus hookerianus. Pōkākā

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Used, like hīnau, as mordant to make black dye. Process described in Best 1898. (See also White, from ms. in Dominion Museum, quoted in Aston 1918a; Colenso 1869a, 1882b ; Best 1907).

Kiakia [sic] gathered from near Outram and soaked with the bark of pōkākā to dye it (Māori informant in Beattie 1920).

Produces good firm leather (Kirk 1889)

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"The women put [pikao] in a waka.. in which kiripokaka (pokaka bark) was steeping. This was to soften the pikao for pleating (whatu)." (Beattie 1994)

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See Riley 1994 for information on medicinal uses of related plants elsewhere in the world.

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References on tannin content in Cambie 1976. See also Kirk 1889, Aston 1918b.

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28 May 2007
4 July 2020
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