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Thelymitra longifolia. Māikaika.

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Thelymitra forsteri (in Taylor 1855)

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māikaika. Taylor 1855 says that māikaika is a common name for terrestrial orchids including this one.; māikuku (Beever 1991)

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"Small orchidaceous plant(s) found amongst fern and low tea tree. The tubers contain salep, and are eaten by the natives" (Kirk, in Taylor 1870).

Use as food also recorded in Colenso 1868a. ("Salep" is the name for the ground-up tubers of orchids). The oval and rounded tubers can be eaten cooked or raw. The tubers are found in winter.

Crowe (1990) describes the flavour as crisp and slightly bitter when raw, and like an insipid potato when boiled.

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28 May 2007
2 July 2020
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